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Agristo had been looking into expansion options for its headquarters and the production site for some while. Because the head office in Harelbeke could not be expanded further, Agristo is today building a new base of operations at the recently purchased production site in Wielsbeke. Freestone was approached to draw up a Programme of Requirements (PoR) and a project definition for this.


Programme of Requirements (PoR)

The aim of a Programme of Requirements (PoR) is to lay out the functional, spatial and qualitative founding principles for the commission. Along with the conceptualisation and the level of ambition, it forms the basis from which the architects, engineering offices and consultants can begin their work. Freestone took a practical look at the project data and the legal context of the location. First, the possibilities at the site were analysed. We then reviewed how we could translate this analysis into a true architectural jewel.

The Programme of Requirements also contains all the rules, desires and requirements relating to the layout of the workplace. In practice, Agristo's headquarters will house 251 workspaces and the production site will offer space for 38 workspaces.


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Future-oriented construction

Agristo is providing a workspace for each full-time member of staff. In rendering the number of workspaces, we took account of the company's expected growth up to 2030. Agristo is also predicting an enormous growth potential of up to 400 full-time staff after 2030. This was taken into account today when designing the office layout. Now the construction has commenced, Freestone is supervising the correct implementation of the Programme of Requirements in the architectural design and the practical execution.


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