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Let's talk building

Freestone Advisory unburdens you if you want to plan and organise your real estate, if you want to audit and optimise your real estate, or if you want to digitise your real estate.

In addition, we also offer change management in order to accompany large and important changes in an organisation, so that they can be supported more by the employees in your organisation.

Rely on a wide range of solutions throughout the entire life cycle of your real estate.

Plan & Organise

You want to plan out and organise your estate in the best way possible

Freestone Advisory will ensure that your portfolio is ideally placed to meet to your organisation's needs, regardless of the kind of real estate you have (offices, retail, logistics, care, public, etc.).

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Audit & make sustainable

You want to audit and optimise your buildings

Do you want to know the potential of your real estate and how you can optimise it? Freestone will assist you in the entire process. From condition measurements to maintenance management, from preservation to facility management.

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Digitise & optimise

You want to digitize and optimize your real estate

Our advisors assist you, to make your buildings "smarter" using data, to make your buildings more efficient, and to guide your building users through changes.

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