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Let's talk building

Freestone Advisory unburdens you in terms of your work environment, your site and buildings or your facility management.


You want to plan out and organise your estate in the best way possible

Freestone Advisory will ensure that your portfolio is ideally placed meet to your organisation's needs, regardless of the kind of real estate you have (offices, retail, logistics, care, public, etc.).

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You want to optimise your new or existing office building

Freestone offers a wide range of solutions for the full life cycle of your professional building project, from condition assessments to full supervisory guidance of new builds or renovations. We act as a delegated building supervisor and offer you peace of mind from A to Z.

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You want to get your FM organisation fit for the future

Do you want to clearly map out the performance of your facilities? While at the same time also improving the quality and optimising the costs? Our experts in facility management will ensure that your support services really do support your core business.

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You need tools or software to manage your building efficiently

Freestone Advisory will take a deep dive into your business processes and optimise them with the right software. With that said, we are not a software supplier. What we do is supply your business with the right tool or method for the best solution. From FMIS, BMS and BIM to tools for data analysis and reporting.

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Distant Working

Impact and organisation of distant working

Will there ever be a post-corona time? We rather hear our Belgian virologists talk about 'living with corona'. Among other things, social distancing will probably become the "new normal" for a long time to come.

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