• Customer: City of Geel
  • Period: December 2017
  • Project description: Condition assessment in accordance with NEN 2767

The Portfolio service at the City of Geel wished to gain an insight into the state of its buildings at Werft 20 in Geel, and requested a condition assessment in accordance with NEN 2767 from Freestone Advisory.

The assignment consisted of condition assessments of the building and equipment elements for the buildings indicated, establishing the maintenance requirements and drawing up a multi-annual maintenance plan and budget.

To carry out the condition assessment in an objective and unambiguous manner, Freestone Advisory makes use of the NEN2767 method. According to this standard, the components not only receive a condition score, but are also assessed for risk. The inspectors have not only mastered the NEN2767 methodology - they also have a detailed knowledge of materials that enables them to uncover any defects or construction errors and their causes. They also have an insight into the ageing of elements and a broad knowledge of lifespans.


Moreover, Freestone Advisory distinguishes itself through its knowledge of the BOEI method of providing advice on the energy economy of the elements investigated.

Alongside the traditional condition assessment and BOEI inspections, Freestone Advisory was also tasked with conducting a thorough screening of the conformity with the law and regulations in respect of legal inspections and maintenance.

We brought Freestone Advisory in for a pilot project of 5 buildings, but we quickly saw that the inspectors' professional skill and expertise meant we could expand the pilot environment. We now have a comprehensive multi-annual maintenance plan at our disposal, which we can use to plan and budget for future investments and maintenance requirements. Erwin Van Damme - Expert Building Energy Manager - Head of Service for Portfolio at the City of Geel

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