The amount of information that can be obtained from sensors and smart meters is often unforeseen. Yet this sea of information is a gold mine, the potential is huge. In this way patterns and relationships can be found offering the possibility to look ahead and make accurate predictions.

For example: the optimal functioning of a ventilation system is not achieved through many inspections and corrective actions, but rather controlled by the past heat wave, the expected temperatures and the habits of your employees. The 'just in time' principle from logistics finds its way to Facility Management! From corrective to predictive!

Thanks to a live dashboard, detailed information through zoom-in and drill-through functions and one button to control your suppliers, you will be relieved of that large amount of information. Because Freestone puts your information in a comprehensible report or comprehensive overview from which the necessary conclusions can be drawn. At a strategic, tactical and operational level, with or without FM software. So there is no need to transfer data via imports and exports and non-maintenance-friendly interfaces. Freestone builds a reporting layer over all your systems or sources, whether it's an ERP, a financial package, a building management system or FM-software. One reporting tool for your application landscape. Wonderfully clear!

Iot Analytics Maturity1

New business models thanks to IoT

"Connecting objects and devices to the internet to make them smarter and use them more cleverly: this, in a nutshell, is the big advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT). There is no lack of possible applications, find out the examples in this article."