Rol interne Facility Manager wordt herleid tot intelligente regisseur

In the area of ​​Facility Management or building management, companies often touch their limits. After all, this work domain is increasingly gaining in (financial) interest and content, but there are few Facility Managers who have an overall global knowledge because of the growing technical and legislative complexity. Freestone meets these needs through different perspectives.

Via Freestone People it helps companies in their search for project managers, experts in the field of real estate, building or facility. These specialists strengthen the internal team on a temporary basis. From real estate planning to design, through building coordination to management. They can rely on their national and international experience, are kept up-to-date with training courses and can, if necessary, consult a back office with experts within Freestone.

Through Freestone Advisory, companies can call on experts to support their construction and furnishing projects and to optimize the functioning of their facility organization in a “smart” way. Quality and cost control and setting up lean organizations with smart reporting are the keywords here.


Facility Management steeds minder intern

There are fewer and fewer companies that still have a fully developed construction or facility team within their own ranks.

Koen Mees sees three reasons for this: “In the first instance there is increasing complexity. Today's expert in a small or medium-sized organization will have insufficient global knowledge in the near future. Filling that gap is a serious challenge.

Secondly, there is the growing maneuverability required in these types of environments. The most important question here is where to find the best experts within a short period of time.

Thirdly, there is the need for unburdening in case of larger projects. Building, renovating, relocating ... you don't do this every day. This means that companies cannot hire experts for this on a continuous basis. They would rather give that care away. "

Our people end up in very diverse companies, always with specific wishes and needs. They can re-use that extensive knowledge and experience for the next customer and the next project. Freestone also offers its own employees intensive training courses through the Freestone Academy. Sustainable entrepreneurship and investing in human capital form the basis of our strategy. Koen Mees

Total Building Management as a Service

For Freestone, the future will consist of a model in which Building Management and Facility Management are seen as a service covering all aspects of the real estate lifecycle, offering supporting software (for free) and to be hired at the same time. Without a doubt a fascinating challenge that will determine a large part of the future of Freestone and of the market.