For the conversion of a mansion into an educational center, they were looking for a civil or industrial engineer to steer this project in the right direction. In addition, a number of smaller works such as the renovation of the entrance doors, of technical installations, the optimization of the various technical spaces, etc. were added to the range of tasks.

The engineer would advise on the preparation of the long-term maintenance plan, based on the output of the condition measurements of the building and the techniques, an energy audit and the feedback from the various partners in building management (including an external party performing a full-service maintenance of the main technical installations, inspection bodies, etc.)

It is not surprising that FSMA demanded a number of years of experience in the supervision and implementation of (medium) large construction projects for this assignment. A thorough computer knowledge, with AutoCad knowledge, was also added to the wish list.

We can conclude that the assignment has a very nice success story in which the assignment has been renewed for another year.


  • Customer: FSMA
  • Timing: 2018
  • Project: Structural engineer

Concreet werd het gezochte profiel verwacht om volgende sleuteltaken te behartigen:

  • Participating in site meetings
  • Supervising the practical implementation, respecting the specifications, respecting the safety aspects and planning the projects in progress
  • Preparing monitoring reports
  • Coordinating various contractors, suppliers and all relevant services, ...
  • Reviewing measurement statements during the execution of the works
  • Guaranteeing safety on site and in the building by analyzing the safety documents, checking the coherence between the documents and the effective implementation and targeted site visits, in close consultation with the safety coordinator
  • Assisting in drawing up technical specifications for the facilities service
  • Assisting in drawing up a multi-year maintenance plan
  • Keeping the FMIS system up-to-date
  • Following up several smaller works

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