• Assignment: Stay or leave, site selection en lease negotiation
  • Timing: 2015-2016
  • Location: Brussel
  • Project size: 1.300m²


- vision workshop with the management regarding the future accommodation

- preparation of a future needs programme

- a SWOT analysis of the current offices and working environment

- a stay or leave business case

- a review and evaluation of the real estate market and search for possible alternative offices

- site selection & lease negotiation

- drawing up of a new lease agreement


If a tenant like Celgene addresses us with the question whether we can guide them in their search for a new location, we challenge their question in the first instance. It is not uncommon to come to the conclusion that 'the building has become too small' ... or rather the organization is too big. Avoiding a move is often desirable and so we first examine the possibility of using the existing space better and more efficiently. If this is not possible, we use a market survey to look for a new 'future proof' location. We also found a good alternative for Celgene on the same business park that met all their wishes, we optimized the conditions and converted them into a conclusive lease contract.