Freestone marked its expertise on two fronts:

1. The optimization of the internal facility processes in order to achieve a professional and central facility organization.

2. The resuscitation of the existing FMIS tool, in close collaboration with Ultimo.


  • Customer: City and CPAS Lier
  • Project: Resuscitation FMIS-tool
  • Timing: 2018

Transition from executing to controlling organization

At City and CPAS Lier, 150 employees are active within the facility department. FM is responsible for services such as cleaning, green management, public domain, logistics and buildings. The assets include a residential care center, service centers, rental homes, administrative buildings and infrastructure for sports, youth, associations and culture.

It should not come as a surprise that such an organization demands an optimization of the internal facility processes in order to arrive at a professional and central facility organization. The FMIS tool facilitates a variety of user types ranging from internal employees, (external) building managers, council members to even - and that is the ultimate goal - citizens.

After expert analysis of the situation, Freestone was able to submit a plan. The preservation of the current FMIS tool was hereby confirmed. The resuscitation literally became an intensive first aid, with the first pain points resolved within a month. Registering a report or request is now done via a user-friendly template in a simple web portal. Thanks to process optimization, an efficient approval process was drawn up for each application and one centralized and transparent schedule was set up for the entire FM organization.

Optimization FMIS-tool

An FMIS tool should ensure efficient management of services and buildings, with operational and financial benefits. But CIty and CPAS Lier only used 10% of the possibilities of their FMIS tool, which was mainly used as a warehouse management system and for back office follow-up of reports.

Freestone had ample experience in this area, providing FMIS advice and the implementation of all kinds of FM Tools for many years. This way Freestone has the knowledge of all important FMIS tools available on the market (Ultimo, Archibus, Planon, Topdesk, Axxerion, myMCS, ServiceNow ...). The FMIS tool also held no secrets in the case of City and CPAS Lier. Freestone was familiar with all Ultimo modules and was able to drastically increase the useful use of the FMIS tool.


Freestone showed City and CPAS Lier the way to a professional and central facility organization, with clear processes and a stronger deployability of the FMIS tool. The use of the FMIS tool will also be extended to all services of the organization and its customers.

City and CPAS Lier now has all means to ensure the further growth of the FM organization.

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