Clear report

Following this thorough audit, Delhaize received a report giving recommendations for each building on immediate actions, works that would need to be carried out in the short term, and medium to long-term needs. We also have the experience and expertise to consistently link this to an accurate risk analysis, taking account of both financial and technical results.

Greater centralisation

This audit will lead to a centralisation of maintenance by means of maintenance contracts over time. Currently, each store is making use of its own suppliers or maintenance firms. This means that Delhaize has only a very fragmented picture (or sometimes none at all) of the maintenance being carried out. Furthermore, it also has no visibility into the total extent of the equipment requiring maintenance, which is essentially for proper portfolio management. To be continued!



  • Scope: technical inventory and condition assessment of HVAC, lifts, electrical equipment, sanitary facilities, safety including fire safety, and access control
  • Type of buildings: retail, supermarket premises across Belgium
  • Klant: Delhaize

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