General Project Data

  • Client: Natuurinvest (Vlaamse Overheid)
  • Period: 11/2018 - 07/2019
  • Assignment : Business Plan
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On behalf of the Agency for Nature and Forests, Natuurinvest invests in projects that enhance the experience of nature. It is in this context that Natuurinvest, together with 12 partners, joined the Interreg project GrasGoed in August 2016.

Within this project, nature managers, companies and knowledge institutions in the border region of Flanders and the Netherlands are giving the remnants of nature management a second life. More specifically, the project looks at how the clippings from natural grass can be used as innovative raw materials.

One of the ideas that came up within this project was to use the natural grass clippings as a raw material for ecological and sustainable insulation material. Freestone supported to work out a financial feasibility study and a business plan for this idea.

This business plan was worked out in cooperation with Natuurinvest and the various private partners and validated by the PMV (Participation Company Flanders). The project was seen as promising and in the meantime a tender dossier was started up for this project.

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