Freestone and Ingenium were asked the following questions:

  • The maintenance support for the contractors will expire. What can AZ Alma do on its own and what is best outsourced in terms of maintenance?
  • Does AZ Alma have the right organisation to provide facility maintenance for the building?
  • Does AZ Alma have the right tools and competences for this?

Project info

  • Customer: AZ Alma
  • Timing: August- September 2018
  • Contractor: Freestone & Ingenium
  • Location: Eeklo
Planvanaanpak alma


In a limited period of time a first evaluation of the current organisation was done. Based on this, a strategy was developed for the future organisation, including a plan of approach for the future.

Freestone has taken up the organization and tools part and Ingenium the maintenance and energy part.

Visualisatie sourcing strategie onderhoud
Visualisation sourcing strategy maintenance
Plan van aanpak vervolgtraject tool FM en onderhoud
Approach follow-up - FM and maintenance tool
Plan van aanpak vervolgtraject organisatie
Approach follow-up process - organisation
Proposal new organisation chart for the technical service
Logo azalma


The results of the Quick Scan led to:

  • A vision for the maintenance of the building for the next 15 years;
  • A vision around the organization of the facility management, including tools.